How to Drive More Sales Marketing on Shopify

How to Drive More Sales Marketing on Shopify

How to Drive More Sales Marketing on Shopify

If you own an online store, you know what you want. You want to increase conversions and traffic to your online store. It is never easy to decide on the best tactics or strategies for marketing on Shopify. Identify the most effective e-commerce tools and marketing tactics that could help you achieve higher success.

Try to experiment with some of these tactics, one at a time, every day, for a few weeks. At the end of it, try to find out which tactics worked and which ones did not. Read more

E-Commerce marketing

This type of marketing uses promotional means to drive traffic to a store. It is the practice of converting traffic to paying customers and ensuring that they are retained. To succeed, try this marketing tactic both on your website and offline. By doing this, you can succeed in winning customer loyalty, building brand awareness, and increasing your sales.  You can promote your store and achieve increased sales for given products.

Ideas that Can Increase Sales on Shopify

1. Email campaigns

Don’t be content to capture a list of email addresses. You must send valuable emails regularly for your channel to qualify as a useful tool for e-commerce. Be alert to find out the most appropriate occasions for releasing emails that subscribers appreciate.

How to do this:

  • As soon as a customer purchases something, send to him a welcome email.
  • Give gifts and exclusive promo codes.
  • Regularly send newsletters to subscribers so they can be alerted to new discount offers, company news, and product tips.
  • Help customers derive the most from items that they recently purchased. You can do this by sharing relevant content with them.
  • Promote self-gifting during holidays. You can do this by running a BOGO campaign during the holidays.
  • Solicit feedback by making it a practice to ask customers who visityour store to relate their experiences. It doesn’t matter if they did not purchase anything. This can help you improve your store.
  • Send a personal message to your highest-value customers expressing appreciation for their loyalty.

2. Send Reminder Emails

The wish list reminder email is essential to your success. You should add this to your list of critical marketing ideas. The reminder email is similar to the abandoned cart mail. Both serve to persuade shoppers to take that final step in buying items that they expressed interest in.

 If you discover that it has been quite a while since anyone checked on their wish list, send an email to remind the customer about it. This can also be done if there is an item that seems to occur in many wish lists. Sending a reminder email will work wonders to remedy this.

A reminder email may be the trigger needed to spur customers to make that purchase. Make sure to alert shoppers whenever your items are about to go out of stock. By doing this, you motivate buyers and ensure that few regrets or disappointments will come from disgruntled buyers.

3. Help Them Get Items

Make sure your store is well designed. You will lose customers if your store is poorly designed. However, how can you identify a poorly designed store? First of all, a poorly designed store appears untrustworthy. Your store may be suffering from a combination of the following maladies: It may be confusing to navigate, the font may be hard to read, or it may be devoid of a value disposition.

Be careful. Even after doing these, you might still be making some mistakes of design. Check whether the products are properly segmented. You could be putting too many items on a single page.  Is there a right balance between the visuals and the text? You need to consider such matters carefully. If you discover that your theme is not doing well with conversions, try to consider using a few other items that are available on Shopify.

4. Use Live Chat

You can find other impactful ways of engaging with your customers and site visitors aside from email. You might consider using live chat, for instance, to engage with shoppers. You will find many live chat tools that allow you to target browsers on specific pages. It is [possible to do this after customers have visited your site for some time or after they reach your website following an email newsletter. The live chat tool allows you to converse directly with customers. You can even address the concerns of customers and answer their questions before they buy.

5. Anticipate sales

Try to evaluate the market demands and find out whether you can expand your product line. Use several approaches to do this. For example, you can use social media trends, keyword research, geographic validation, and such tactics to find out how the market is your doing.

6. Upsell products

Upselling is the practice of promoting a slightly higher product than what the customer proposed.  It means selling something that is of a higher premium than what the customer initially wanted. For most businesses, mastering this tactic can be far more effective than trying to get a new set of customers.

You might discover that many times, customers do not know about the availability of a specific premium item. Often, they require to be furnished with more evidence to help them understand how they will benefit from upgrading a product.

You will need to master this. For example, do you have particular product models that are made of slightly better leather? Is there a specific product that has a unique handmade component? Make sure you let the customer know the difference. Tactfully ask the customer if he would like to upgrade.

While doing this, consider two factors:

Make sure the suggested upgrade is close to the original product.

Factor in the customer’s anticipated price. Accommodate his limitations.


You want to move forward with marketing your Shopify store. It is crucial to use the most workable tactics to sell your store and achieve the desired sales. Try a few of these marketing techniques to win more traffic and make higher sales in your Shopify business.