There are different types of point of sales software that you can introduce to your business. It all depends on what type of business you have. For instance, a retail POS system would require effective inventory management. This can be provided via a software that can be used for your multiple outlets. Hence, when choosing an inventory management system, understanding the needs of your business is important.

Here are some of the POS systems you can opt for.

Mobile POS

You can make use of Smartphone POS systems to allow for inventory management on your phone. Such apps are generally free and excellent for small contract workers. Normally, you get a credit card reader with a mobile POS system. Make sure you select the best credit card reader for iPhone – Android. Also, you can link it to receipt printers for effective processing.

Tablet POS

You can use Android or iPad POS systems as well. This is ideal for those who wish to make less investment in POS software. How? Well, you probably already have a tablet. All you need to do is add the software to it. This is available for a low fee and also lets you select your own mobile credit card reader. Again, it is important to ensure that the Wireless Chip & Swipe Card Reader you select is compatible with the system. Such a software is best to be used by small coffee shops, pizza places, and retail outlets.

Point of Sale Terminal Software

Terminal POS systems are what is commonly used by large retail outlets. These are equipped with both hardware and software. The hardware includes barcode scanners, credit card readers, and cash drawers. The software may either be a traditional software or a cloud-based system. The number of inventory-related tools included making sales analysis a piece of cake.

Online POS system

What if you already have all the hardware and are merely looking to link it to a quality software? In this case, you can opt for an online POS software. An online software can be accessed from anywhere by you, thereby leading to great convenience. This serves to be perfect for small businesses.


Pick whichever type of Point of Sales software in Canada that suits your needs. Inventory management has never been this easy in the past. It is a great time to own a business.